Make a donation, make a difference

Collaborative workshops seed every project. A workshop can be the event itself, for creativity or training purposes. Or may result in a new play. It can also lead to further workshops, concerts of music from the show, exhibitions, or other activity.  

For example, the 2002 workshop Brush explored the life, times and work of artist Tom Thomson.  That  has led to 90 other events, including workshops, artists in the schools programs, concerts, a poetry book and the full length musical TOM

Each part of the process – from workshop to production -- is a complete experience in itself.  The benefit of the project accrues as more and more people become involved. Along the way, we not only develop “the work”, but also a working language and skills, and a Body of Work. We are passing the story and benefits along to a growing body of invested people. We’re developing Community.


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(519) 534-3039