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Sheatre has created about 60 Forum Theatre plays that provoke people to change their world. It’s over half of what we do. Be Our Ally and Far From the Heart are two recent interactive Forum Theatre plays.

We also produce issue-oriented art using Image Theatre, song, photography, radio plays, visual art, mask, film, Invisible Theatre, traditional theatre, dance…

Groups we have worked with have identified, explored and addressed a wide variety of challenging issues that were relevant and important to their community.   The topics and contents are of their own choosing.  Sheatre’s facilitators bring the tools and skills to assist with examining and expressing them. We do not judge or mould their essential message.  Groups’ issues have included: substance abuse, sexual violence, human trafficking, homophobic bullying, domestic violence, racism, elder abuse, mental health issues, dis/ability issues, schoolyard bullying, and workplace discrimination.

Yes, our work can lead to social change. See the report on our work by the University of Regina.

Artistic expression puts an issue outside of ourselves and makes it easier to recognize and talk about it.   Acceptance is the first step toward change.  Peer participation really moves it forward.  It’s enlightening and it’s a lot of fun.

Works include: Commissions, Ya Canna Throw Yer Granny Off A Bus, Bruno and Alice, Stay on Your Feet, TELL for HELP, Shelter Me, Images of Birth and Here Today, Gone This Afternoon,  Mishoo, Miinwaa, Noki ~ You, Me and Wrinkles and Pterodactyl Delight.


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(519) 534-3039