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From founding Artistic Director, Joan Chandler: One day I looked up the definition of “theatre” in the dictionary. It revealed Greek origins meaning “arena of the gods”. Sheatre means “arena of the people”, of the she’s and the he’s. S/h+theatre = Sheatre. We tell stories about ourselves.

Some important stories about ourselves don’t get much air time. Stories about things “best forgotten” and joyous stories about times forgotten. But these stories excite us, rile the blood, define us. Telling them can be game-changing. So we tell them.

Our artists work with people who have such a story. Together we bring them to life vibrantly and clearly -- so that audiences resonate and are moved to engage with them. Together, we play for a change, and our plays amaze.

Come by. It’s bound to be exciting.


170069 Centre. Road, RR #1 Kemble, Ontario N0H 1S0 Canada

(519) 534-3039

(519) 534-3039