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wow omgg!! It was tottaly awsome!! Me and all my friends really enjoyed the interactions and just the whole thing.. good job you guys and good work :Dfrom Facebook

I feel like we've DONE something. That we passed something. Something that HAD to be done.Susan, participant, Shelter Me

Its integrity cannot be questioned... this play certainly empowered its creators, while giving them a public voice.Theatrum Magazine

The most fun I’ve had in God knows how many years.senior participant, I’m Just A Kid Again

I love that it was like my life, it wasn't preachy.Grade 11 student, Regina, Far From the Heart

I'd call this Theatre of Liberation.Ron, workshop participant

A great tool for helping young people learn about the realities of sexual violence.Women’s Post

We were able to present our OWN music, our OWN dancers, our OWN theatre.Co-ordinator, Three Fires Sacred Assembly (Cape Croker)

I want to thank you for supporting me with my writing. I came in second in the … competition. After you sent me those wonderful suggestions, writing became easier and I was able to let go of my anxieties and insecurities. It ended up becoming a powerful experience; I found something inside myself and was able to draw it out. Wow. Winning second place was just that--secondary. I was so moved with the performances; never have I witnessed strangers make stories/poems come alive of the very people I shared time with! I had the honor of meeting. So thank you again and again and again for sharing your wisdom with me.Sue, workshop participant

Far From the Heart works to successfully increase students’ knowledge and shift attitudes. “Far From the Heart: Report on the Effectiveness of Forum Theatre as an Educational Tool regarding Youth Dating Violence and Sexual Assault in Saskatchewan Schools”, 2012. The study found that FFTH used "an innovative approach that challenges youth to speak and act out their thoughts and attitudes surrounding dating violence." The research reveals that prevention programs do positively shift attitudes surrounding dating violence, with the more effective prevention programs incorporating a skills-building component. Forum Theatre utilizes a skills-building component…. Overall, there is room for further growth, across Canada, in the use of Forum Theatre in prevention programming. [Download the full research paper]University of Regina Community Research Unit

One story about how we made change.  In a quiet chat with Augusto Boal, founder of Theatre of the Oppressed, I told him a story of a piece we had done, and asked, “Do you know of any other instance where theatre has been invited as a tool to speak directly to government?”; it got him thinking. “No,” he answered. “I know of no other.” I watched as his mind turned that over. I had no idea what he was thinking at the time. What did I tell him? In the mid-1980’s midwifery was illegal in Ontario. The government struck a task force to collect information from stake-holders around the province to investigate legislative change. Women Today, Sheatre and the Midwifery Support Group in Huron County were invited to make a presentation, We created Images of Birth.  Then the government got wind of what we were up to… Read More



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