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Come to a concert of moving, original music. Join in a song circle and feel the joy of singing with others. Hone your songwriting and singing skills in a workshop led by david sereda. And if you’re too far to travel, download a song from one of our shows! 

Download Beyoutiful and help the Be Our Ally project!Download Beyoutiful and help the Be Our Ally project!

The song Beyoutiful was written by over 20 young students in 3 GSAs (Gay Straight Alliances) in Owen Sound in collaboration with david sereda. There was an empty chair in our circle of participants and david said, "What would you say to the person who is too scared to come and sit in this circle with us? Let's put that in our song." This version features david on vocal and piano. Stay tuned for an all-student mix and one featuring Trysten Metcalfe-Moulton who plays Ashley in our 2015 tour of Be Our Ally.

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